Pietro Weber (Cles 1959) is an artist, sculptist, and a scenographer. But most importantly, he is a ceramist.

During 1970 he moved to Torino in order to attend an artistic high school.  In the eighties he became involved in sculpting while attending Bruno Martinazzi Studio. He even worked as a scenographer and promoted the “Assemblea Teatro” society. In the following decade he began to search for ways to give expression, life and matter to earth and natural materials, giving birth to his beautiful earthly creations. Travelling also contributed to his artistic style; he visited: Paris, Madrid, Barcellona, Athens, Lisabon, Instanbul and Ankara. In the last city he made murales for the Turkish venue of the UN.  In Dakar and Salzburg he spent some time at the “ House of artists” for the  celebration of the newly established autonomy of the province of Trento. The following year he held an exhibition at the “ Casino auf dem Monchberg”.

In 2000 he took part to the festival “Torinodorme” in the Agnelli teatre and put on display some of his ceramic works.  In 2002 he was called to the biennal festival of african comtemporary art in Dankar (Theatre National de Senegal). He was invited by the Region Piemonte’s Museum La Crumière, and earned an internship working on the Tonino Guerra written extracts.  At the same time he held an exhibition at Castle Thun  for the “ Magiche Montagne” project. He took part as an exhibition guest at the Venetian  Film Festival  in the  S. Nicolò monastery at the Venetian Lido.

In 2005 he crafted several futuristic designed  plates  (called “Emozioni al dente”) for a dinner festival organized in many Swiss cities with Valerio Maffioletti as the director.

In 2007 he received the prestigious prize “ Viaggio attraverso la ceramica” in Vietri sul Mare, which recognized him as one of the most important  contemporary ceramists in the field.

As further proof of his skills, Enzo Biffi Gentilil, the international director of applied arts in Turin recognized his talents and confirmed his position as one of the best. In the same year, OCSE in Trento exhibitioned his works. In the following years he presented his works in several important venues, such as in the “Galleria Incontro d’ Arte” in Roma in 2009 and in the Castle Agliè in 2013, and in the ever-prestigious Savoys Venue in Torino organized by the  Ministry of  art and culture alongside the Piemonte Region.

In 2016 he also took part in the project “Ars Insula” on the Comancina island, promoted by the Brera Accademy and by the Foundation Comancina Island. In the following February, Weber’s works were put on display in Milan in the Brera Academy. His works are part of many private and public collections in several countries.